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Workbook and Coursebook

We are pleased to introduce set of resources for GCSE Polish. The set consists of a coursebook and a workbookNowe Tematy (‘The New Topics’) is a comprehensive and effective teaching resource, that will help to prepare for the GCSE Polish exam. The coursebook and the accompanying workbook mirror the specifications of GCSE Polish and are designed to serve both as an effective teaching resource as well as revision aid for self-study. A team of specialists have been collaborating to produce this interesting and stimulating new textbook.

Key features:

  • Transparent structure that mirrors the topics as covered by GCSE Polish specification
  • Rich and diverse teaching material on each topic to suit the abilities of all students
  • Exciting, modern graphics enabling easier understanding of the content
  • Based on literature and modern culture to enhance teaching in an interesting and stimulating way

    Expert review: “Nowe tematy is the only textbook currently available, which offers teaching material and exercises to help prepare students for the GCSE Polish exam. You cannot overemphasise the book’s value both from the teachers’ and students’ perspective. It is a new and modern offering, based on contemporary literature which draws on Polish tradition and culture.”

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